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Tondeuse Professionnelle "Spéciale Toilettages" | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Tondeuse Professionnelle "Spéciale Toilettages" | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Tondeuse Professionnelle "Spéciale Toilettages" | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Tondeuse Professionnelle "Spéciale Toilettages" | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Tondeuse Professionnelle "Spéciale Toilettages" | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES


“Grooming” Pack with Professional Clipper for Dogs and Cats

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Discover our dog clipper! Do you want to groom your pet without breaking the bank?

So TERRE ET TRUFFES is the solution for you !

Many pet owners spend huge amounts of money to take care of their animals and not necessarily have the time to make an appointment with the groomer . With TERRE ET TRUFFES :

✔️No more groomer appointments
✔️ Cut like a pro anywhere
✔️Save money

✔️ Save time

Our dog clippers remove tangles

In fact, many dogs and cats scratch regularly All day long. If we don't take care of our pets' hair, it will result in a breeding ground for bacteria. Thanks to the TERRE ET TRUFFES mower from TERRE ET TRUFFES , you can remove the knots , tangled hair of your animal and for him grooming will be a moment of calm .

Our dog clipper improves his appearance

Just like humans, our pet needs to feel good in his skin. Like owners who go to the hairdresser to have a new face, your dog or your cat will need a little trimming . This action will allow him to be fulfilled and joyful every day .

The easy-to-use dog clipper

Most pets hate their grooming sessions. This time often becomes a time of anxiety and stress from mowing. With TERRE ET TRUFFES ™, there are no more wires hanging around their body and disturbing our pet during grooming. You can mow it from any room, it will be more relaxed.

With our dog clipper, save time and money!

We all know how difficult it is to find an appointment with the groomer, get there by transport, wait for the session to end and not know if your pet has been well treated. With EARTH AND TRUFFLES  no more wasting time. You decide when to clip your pet. 
No more making appointments!
You will be able to take care of your pet without worrying about your

Satisfied or refunded !

Satisfied or refunded !

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They talk about us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Samuel E.
Canine Behavioral Educator

I am delighted with the dog accessories you offer.

Your collections offer a variety of high-quality tools that really simplify my work: lanyards, muzzles, leashes, collars and harnesses are particularly robust and comfortable.

My customers and their dogs really appreciate the quality and functionality of your products. I therefore recommend you to my loved ones and to all my clients!

Josiane T.
Veterinary assistant

I found real satisfaction in your products for cats. My cats love your cat trees and grooming accessories, making my life easier and their days happier.

I want to thank you for your commitment to pet welfare. As a veterinary assistant, I warmly recommend your products to all cat lovers. They have made a real difference in my life and that of my precious feline companions. Thank you for your excellent work!

Astrid L.
Loyal customer

I have been purchasing from you for years, and I cannot express my satisfaction with your store enough.

Your cat products have improved the lives of my precious four-legged friends. Cat trees, cozy mats and grooming accessories have become essential in our daily lives.

Quality, sustainability and concern for animal welfare are evident in every item you offer. Great work team!

Kevin S.
Customer Partner

I can only sing the praises of the products we offer through your store.

The quality and variety of your dog accessories allowed me and my community to find exactly what we needed to care for our faithful companions.

Your commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, and that translates into positive feedback and a more than happy community.

Thank you for doing so much to improve the lives of our furry friends!

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