A Dog and Rabbit Breeder in Martinique

A Dog and Rabbit Breeder in Martinique

Welcome to the exciting world of TERRE ET TRUFFES dog and rabbit breeding , where passion and dedication meet. We are qualified professional breeders , having always grown up in a family environment surrounded by around ten dogs, rabbits and other poultry .

This family heritage has naturally led us to pursue this passion for animals until today, passing it on to our loved ones, our children and the future parents of our little balls of fur !

Today, we have the joy of sharing our life with a herd of eight magnificent short-haired chihuahuas , an exceptional bully pocket , and also an adorable colony of rabbits of various varieties .

But for the sake of our puppies, I couldn't limit myself to breeding alone. I therefore became a canine and feline behaviorist educator , and this dual role allows me today to offer unique and personalized support to each new owner , to guarantee the adaptation of their new companion in their new environment!

Much More than just a Sale, a Commitment to the Life of Your Puppy:

Our structure is distinguished by a holistic approach to breeding .

We not only offer baby short-haired chihuahuas and baby bully pockets for sale, but also educational support for our puppies and their new parents .

We firmly believe that education is the key to harmonious and fulfilling cohabitation .

Our mission is to guide you every step of the way , ensuring you have an enriching and joyful experience with your new companion.

Our dog breeds: Short-haired Chihuahua and Bully Pocket

The Short Haired Chihuahua is a captivating breed, known for its charisma and loyalty .

Originally from Mexico, this breed is known for its keen intelligence and energetic temperament .

Despite their small size , Chihuahuas possess a big and bold personality , making them ideal companions for those looking for an affectionate and determined friend .

The Bully Pocket , on the other hand, is a sturdy, muscular dog known for its impressive appearance and tender heart .

This breed, developed mainly in the United States, is characterized by its strength, stability and balanced temperament .

Bully Pockets are incredibly loyal and protective , making them excellent family companions , combining physical strength and gentle nature .

...and our adorable Rabbits

Rabbits in general are charming and graceful animals , known for their gentle nature and adorable appearance .

These creatures, loved in many homes, are characterized by their agility, curious behavior and friendly temperament .

Rabbits are incredibly sociable and affectionate , making them excellent family pets , combining gentle nature and ease of adaptation .

They provide a calming presence while being playful and fun to watch.

Our engagement :

In summary, our breeding is the result of passion and know-how dedicated to these two extraordinary breeds . We are committed to providing healthy puppies and kits raised in a loving and nurturing environment .

Join us on this wonderful adventure and discover the joy of being a parent of one of these wonderful companions .

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