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Fontaine à eau | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Fontaine à eau | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Fontaine à eau | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Fontaine à eau | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Fontaine à eau | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES
Fontaine à eau | Pour Chien et Chat - TERRE ET TRUFFES


Water fountain for dogs and cats - 4 colors

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Is your cat or dog not drinking enough?

Then the TERRE ET TRUFFES water fountain is the solution for you !

80% of cats love to drink moving water! And many are not attracted to stagnant water in a bowl. Cat owners don't have time to give 1/2 liter of water per day as it is recommended . With TERRE ET TRUFFES , make way for water:

✔️ Fresher
✔️ Constantly renew
✔️ Filtered
✔️ Better quality


TERRE ET TRUFFES™ has a capacity of 2L. Even if you travel for 3-5 days, the fountain will be able to provide clean and sufficient water. So you can go away without fear . Your companion will have his own water and this will allow him to quench his thirst while you are away.


Often, pets have a bowl of water that we fill. Unfortunately over time its water loses quality because of bacteria that multiply in stagnant water . Fortunately our LAND AND TRUFFES allows you to regenerate water who keeps his purity while remaining clean and fresh thanks to its quad system which filters impurities and eliminates smells particular.


In cats, Kidney problems are a scourge . In fact, cats store a lot of their urine , and mineral concentration can be important. Thanks to TERRE ET TRUFFES , your cat will consume more water And will reduce the occurrence calculations.


Lots of cats don't drink enough water . Often he has a simple bowl where the water remains frozen which does not encourage your pet. Thanks to that integrated LED light , your cat will easily find the fountain in the dark. With TERRE ET TRUFFES , you will have a water in perpetual motion . This will captivate attention of your cat and stimulate your desire to consume .

The package contains:

1x fountain volume 2L
1x carbon filter
1x foam filter
1x flower
1x Fountain Pump with USB Charging Port
1x instruction manual

*There is no on/off switch for the light.

Satisfied or refunded !

Satisfied or refunded !

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Your commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, and that translates into positive feedback and a more than happy community.

Thank you for doing so much to improve the lives of our furry friends!

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