Quels sont les jouets et activités recommandés pour les chiens hyperactifs ?

What toys and activities are recommended for hyperactive dogs?

Hyperactive dogs can be a source of challenges for their owners, but with the right selection of toys and activities, it is possible to channel their excess energy in positive ways.

In this article, we'll explore the types of toys and activities recommended for hyperactive dogs to keep them mentally and physically stimulated, while promoting their well-being.

Understanding the Nature of Hyperactive Dogs  

Before diving into toys and activities, it's important to understand why some dogs are hyperactive. Hyperactivity can be caused by a variety of factors, including race, age, lack of exercise, boredom, anxiety, or excess energy. Identifying the underlying cause of your dog's hyperactivity can help you choose the best strategies to manage it. 

Toys for hyperactive dogs  

  1. Interactive toys

Interactive toys mentally stimulate your dog by challenging him to solve problems to get a reward. Treat-dispensing toys, like Kongs, dog puzzles, and balls that release treats when rolled, are great examples. These toys engage the dog in an activity that keeps him occupied for long periods of time. 

  1. Chew toys

Hyperactive dogs may benefit from sturdy chew toys, such as durable rubber or rope toys. Chewing helps release stress and channel energy in a positive way. Be sure to choose toys appropriate for your dog's size and strength to avoid choking hazards. 

  1. Sound toys

Toys that make sounds, such as squeaks or crinkling noises, can be very appealing to hyperactive dogs. This encourages them to play actively and stay engaged. 

  1. Retrieval Toys

Fetch toys, such as Frisbees or tennis balls, are great for dogs who like to run and jump. Fetch games allow your dog to expend energy while strengthening your bond. 

Activities for Hyperactive Dogs  

  1. Active walks

Walks should not only be a routine, but also an opportunity to stimulate your dog. Opt for longer, more frequent and more active walks. Let your dog explore new environments and sniff scents. 

  1. Running or cycling

If your dog is particularly energetic, consider running or cycling with him on a leash. This can be a great way to burn off energy while building fitness. 

  1. Agility

Agility is a dog sport that involves the dog crossing obstacles in a set course. This is a great activity for hyperactive dogs because it stimulates their brains and helps them focus. 

  1. Search games

Hide treats or toys around your house or yard, then encourage your dog to find them. Fetch games are a great way to mentally stimulate your dog while allowing him to burn off some energy. 

  1. Dressage lessons

Training classes are not only an opportunity to teach your dog new skills, but also provide structure and mental stimulation. 

Tips for Managing Hyperactivity  

Besides toys and activities, here are some additional tips for managing your dog's hyperactivity: 

  1. Daily routine: Establish a consistent daily routine, including set times for meals, walks and play. 
  2. Mental enrichment: Provide mental challenges for your dog, such as fetch games, interactive toys, or training classes. 
  3. Adequate exercise: Make sure your dog gets enough exercise to burn off his energy. 
  4. Watch for signs of anxiety: Hyperactivity can sometimes be linked to anxiety. If you think this is the case, consider consulting an animal behaviorist. 
  5. See a veterinarian: If your dog's hyperactivity seems sudden or excessive, consult a veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical causes. 

Managing Hyperactive Dogs with Good Toys  

Ultimately, every dog ​​is unique, and what works best may vary depending on their personality and needs. The important thing is to provide your dog with the mental and physical stimulation necessary to keep him happy, healthy and balanced.

With patience and commitment, you can help your hyperactive dog channel his energy in positive ways. 


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